Shamil Tarpishchev showed disrespect for requirements of Azerbaijan: “This is nonsense …”

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) adopted a complaint of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Tennis of Azerbaijan (ATF) regarding the provocative actions of Russian tennis player of Armenian origin Karen Khachanov at the Australian Open.

The letter received from ITF to our federation says that the complaint was received and sent to the organizers of the Australian Open – a structure called Tennis Australia.

“Consideration of the behavior of the players at the” Big helmet “tournament of the open championship of Australia is included in the jurisdiction of Tennis Australia and the Council of the Board of Tournaments” Big helmet, “the ITF letter says.” They have the authority to evaluate the actions of tennis players in the tournament, and appropriate measures will be adopted in accordance with the Code of Competitions of the “Big Slam”.

The Azerbaijan Tennis Federation emphasizes that the ITF, although it holds the possible future provocations from Khachanov, but has not yet punished him for his previous actions, which cannot but be disturbed. In this regard, another complaint about the Russian tennis player will be sent to ITF.

And meanwhile, the President of the Russian Tennis Federation Shamil Tarpishchev, who had previously declared that “will not comment on the situation, as this is a personal cause of the athlete,” nevertheless spoke. But it would be better if he did not. Tarpishchev showed a clear disrespect for the Tennis Federation of Azerbaijan, calling the demand to punish the provocateur “nonsense”.

“Yes, nonsense all this, do not pay attention. His statements … now they are clinging to us all the time. The reason does not need to be given simply and everything,” Tarpishchev quotes “Communist Party”.


It is worth saying that the Tennis Federation of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Sports applied, among other things, to their Russian colleagues – the Russian Tennis Federation and the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation. The Ministry of Sports of Russia promised that “they would figure it out in this matter and bring the athlete the appropriate warnings.” But, as we see, Tarpishchev is not going to engage in this “nonsense”.

Once again, we recall that after the victories in the 1/16 finals and 1/8 finals of the Australian Open finals, Karen Khachanov wrote on the lens the words of support for the Armenians living in Karabakh. This was done, of course, against the backdrop of Armenian whining about the allegedly blockade of the inhabitants of Hankendi, although in fact dozens of trucks with products and everything necessary pass along the Lachin road daily. But to transport weapons, mines, organize transportation to Armenia of natural resources illegally obtained in Azerbaijan is no longer possible. From that and the Armenians are furious, signaling the whole world about the non -existent blockade. So Khachanov succumbed to false calls of fellow tribesmen.