Share of Russia in arms market is twice

Russia accounts for about 20% of the global arms market, said Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov at the Knowledge forum, TASS reports.

“The first place is occupied by the United States with a volume of 39% of the total share of the world armament market, and Russia, having a budget at times less, which we spend on service, steadily occupies a share for many years about 20% of the world market with a large margin from France which occupies a share of 11%, ”he said.

Borisov also listed the main buyers of Russian weapons, these are India, China, Algeria, Egypt.

According to him, the package of orders for many years ahead is about $ 50 billion, Russia annually exports weapons to $ 14-15 billion. “This is a fairly serious article of income. I think that after the export of hydrocarbons, food, wheat is the third An integral part of our export revenues, ”said Borisov.