Ship with migrants sank in Mediterranean Sea: 9 people died

A boat with illegal migrants sank in the Mediterranean Sea: nine people were killed, including a child.

According to the command of the Italian coast guard, the ship went under the water 30 miles southeast of the Lampeza Island, in the Malta search and rescue operations.

The coast guard teams saved 22 people and delivered nine dead to the body of the body, including the body of a young girl, follows from the message.

The rescue operation took place in a storm, in places the height of the waves reached 2.5 meters, noted in the command of the coast guard.

The saved migrants marked a strong hypothermia, they were delivered to the island of Lampeduza.

According to the International Migration Organization, from the beginning of the year to April 8, 385 migrants sank in the central part of the Mediterranean Sea.

Italy reported that from January 1 to April 10, 15,774 illegal migrants arrived in the country on the sea, in the same period last year, this indicator amounted to 31,128 people.

The problem of illegal migration on the Mediterranean route

According to the UN, the Central Mediterranean Route – from North Africa to Italy and, to a lesser extent, Malta – is the most dangerous sea transition in the world.

When trying to cross the central part of the Mediterranean Sea and get from Libya to Italy or Malta in recent years, thousands of migrants have died.

Assistance to migrants who send a distress signal to the sea most often turns out through the NGO line, not the state.