“Shock-prognoses” for 2023 from Saxo Bank

Danish Saxo Bank published ten “shocking predictions” for 2023. They relate to a series of unlikely and underestimated events, because of which, however, “world markets can cover with a powerful shock wave.”

1. “Manhattan project” for energy. The constant increase in the global need for energy prompts the richest people in the world to rally and begin a research project of such a scale that the world has not seen since the “Manhattan project” allowed the United States to create the first atomic bomb. And investment in a new project will amount to about one trillion dollars.

2. The resignation of Emmanuel Macron. The political situation in France and the growth of the popularity of Marin Le Pen, after the election of 2022, will lead Macron to a dead end, forcing him to leave politics and resign. At least temporarily.

3. A sharp rise in price of gold for a triple ounce. The cost of gold will jump to unprecedented levels after markets and central banks are aware of the erroneousness of the idea that inflation is temporary, and high prices will remain for a long time. According to the forecasts of the Danish bank, the price of gold will increase from the current 1.8 thousand dollars per ounces of up to 3 thousand.

4. The creation of the EU Armed Forces. The risks of security in the region and the refusal of the United States to fulfill the role of a “world policeman” will force the EU to create its own armed forces, which will bring the unity of the region to a new level. To this, as Saxo Bank believes, the EU will allocate 10 trillion euros for the next 20 years.

5. The ban on meat. One of the countries of the world, trying to become a world leader in reducing harmful emissions, will not only introduce a high tax on meat, but will completely prohibit its production, developing technologies and the release of plant analogues, which is more humane and gives less greenhouse emissions.


6. Referendum on the cancellation of Brexit. Due to the recession in the UK, political shocks will begin, which will end with a vote for a revision of the decision to withdraw from the EU.

7. Wide state control over prices. Politics will introduce strict control over prices in order to contain inflation, which will lead to a number of undesirable consequences.

8. The exit from the IMF countries OPEC+ and China. Countries that do not consider the United States as an ally, due to sanctions against Russia, they will decide to leave the International Monetary Fund and create a new reserve asset instead of the dollar.

9. Binding the yena rate to the dollar. Due to the problems that Yena faced in 2022, the Japan Bank will try to tie its course to the dollar at 200 yen/$ and start rebooting the entire financial system.

10. The ban of offshores. Members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development will decide to return money from tax harbors to their economy, completely banning offshore.

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