Shoigu: Leningrad and Moscow Military Districts are created against backdrop of building up military potential of NATO

The Leningrad and Moscow Military Districts are created against the backdrop of building up the military potential of NATO near Russian borders. This was stated by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at a thematic selector meeting with the leading composition of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

“Against the background of building up the military potential of NATO near Russian borders, the expansion of the alliance due to the entry of Finland, and in the future, we took steps to strengthen troops in the northwestern and western strategic directions. Two interspecific territorial associations have been created Armed Forces – Leningrad and Moscow Military Districts, ”said the minister.

He recalled that the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of February 26 established the military-administrative division of Russia, and the relevant territories are assigned to the military districts, including the “new regions” of the country.

“The measures taken will significantly increase the efficiency of the management of troops and forces. We will continue to improve the composition and structure of the armed forces in proportion to the threats of military security of the Russian Federation,” said Shoigu.

According to him, last month, a comprehensive restoration of the historical building of the headquarters of the Moscow Military District with an area of ​​almost sixteen thousand square meters ended. m. “The district management halls are equipped with advanced secure communication types and means of displaying the situation,” the minister confirms.

In addition, Shoigu touched on the creation of a light military transport aircraft IL-212 with a turbojet engine PD-8.

“These machines will be replaced by an obsolete fleet An-26 and An-72. Non transport aircraft will distinguish increased carrying capacity and range, simplicity of refueling and maintenance. In addition, it will be able to use soil unequipped runways, as well as operated in the conditions of the Arctic latitudes, ”said the minister.

According to him, the manufacture of a prototype is scheduled for the end of 2026.

Shoigu also affected the topic of supporting the serviceability of the park of heavy military transport aircraft An-124 Ruslan, as well as the course of the “overhaul” of the D-18T engines, which are installed on machines of this class.

“today 49 engines are repaired and put into operation. Repair and modernization will extend the life of the An-124 aircraft from 20 to 45 years. The serial production of Russian D-18T engines is currently being mastered, the beginning of which is scheduled on the IV quarter of 2027, ”said the minister.