Sholts: issue of atomic energy in Germany is closed

German Chancellor Olaf Sholts said that a return to the use of atomic energy in the country is impossible.

The Chancellor of Germany said this in an interview with Deutschlandfunk.

After the new calls of the free Democratic Party (SDP) and “Alternatives for Germany” (ADG) for the further use of atomic energy, Chancellor Olaf Scholz declared the debate with complete.

“Nuclear energy is over. It is no longer used in Germany,” said the politician.

“The issue of nuclear energy is a dead horse in Germany,” he added.

According to him, with the end of use, the dismantling of nuclear reactors began. “If someone wanted to build new nuclear power plants, this would take 15 years, and you would have to spend from 15 to 20 billion euros per unit,” said Scholts.