Sholts will demand from India to give clear definition of war in Ukraine

India as a chairman in the “Big Twenty” (G-20, a group of twenty) should give a clear definition of the Russian war in Ukraine. This was stated by the Chancellor of Germany Olaf Sholts in an interview with The Times of India at the beginning of his two -day visit to India, which started on Saturday, February 25. His words are given by Deutsche Welle.

“We will intensively discuss all the topics related to the development of our countries, but also the world around the world, which is very important,” Scholz said to reporters after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi FRG in the presidential palace.

India is ready to “contribute to any peaceful efforts” to end the war in Ukraine. This was stated by Indian Prime Minister Modi following a meeting with Sholts. India called for solving the problem through dialogue and diplomacy since the start of the Russian Federation began a year ago, he emphasized.

AFP notes that India refuses to condemn the full-scale invasion of Russia to Ukraine and increases the purchase of oil from Moscow, which is the largest supplier of weapons of New Delhi.