Silk Way Wayst Airlines continues to expand its global network in United States

Silk Way Wayst Airlines expands its route network in the United States, opening regular flights there and back in the direction of the Dallas Fort Warrt airport, which, along with Chicago O’Hara, is the second large transport hub of the United States. In addition to routes to Dallas and Chicago Silk Way Way Wayst Airlines, also operates charter flights to Rockford/Illinois airports, Cincinnati/North Kentucky and Ricenbaker.

Dallas, one of the key transport locations of the United States, was chosen by Silk Way Way Wayst Airlines as an additional hub. Conveniently located along several large highways, Dallas has an ideal location that allows the airline to meet high demand for the import and export of consumer goods, high -tech and oil and gas goods. This large city is a strategic center for the distribution of goods throughout the region and thereby becomes an impeccable platform for SILK WAY WAST AIRLINES in the service of freight transportation of the USA.

Commenting on the launch of a new service, the president of Silk Way Way Wayst Airlines Wolfgang Mayer noted: “Silk Way Way Wayst Airlines continues to develop its competitive advantages and favorable market conditions, creating more and more opportunities for the implementation of direct freight transportation between North America, Asia and Europe. This In turn, provides our valuable customers with greater flexibility in planning and efficient transportation of goods around the world. In addition to increasing flights in the United States, we also expand our global network, adding new directions such as Hanoi, Bangkok in Asia and Eastern Midland in Europe. ”

Founded in 2012 in Baku, in the very heart of the Silk Road, Silk Way Way Way Airlines operates about 350 flights around the world through an aircraft Flot, which includes 12 specialized Boeing 747-8F and 747-400F aircraft based at the Heydar International Airport Aliyev. In order to expand the fleet on April 28, 2021, a strategic agreement on the purchase of five modern Freighter aircraft was signed between Silk Way Way Way Way Way Way Way Way Way. The airline’s annual turnover exceeds 420,000 tons, the growing route network covers more than 40 directions in Europe, the CIS, in the Middle East, Central and East Asia, as well as North and South America. South Korean Airport Incheon awarded Silk Way Way Way Way Way of the Prestigious Awards “Cargo Airlines of the Year 2020”.