Since June 13, Moscow Exchange will not be traded in dollar, euro and Hong Kong dollar

The Moscow Exchange will not be biddered in a dollar, the euro and the Hong Kong dollar in connection with the introduction of the United States of restrictive measures. This is stated in the message of the Mosbirzhi.

“From June 13, 2024, bidding in the markets of the Moscow Exchange will be held in accordance with the current regulations: in the foreign exchange market and the precious metals market, trading is carried out for all instruments, with the exception of foreign exchange pairs with the US dollar and euro; in the stock and monetary markets , the market for standardized derivatives of financial instruments (PRPI) Trades are carried out on all tools, with the exception of instruments with calculations in US dollars and euros, trading is carried out in normal mode, ”the statement said.

The Moscow Exchange group has all the necessary tools to ensure the uninterrupted bidding in conditions of increased volatility, including discrete auctions, and the mechanisms of prompt changes in risk parameters. The main task of the Moscow Exchange is to ensure the operation of the financial market infrastructure and the reliability of operations by its participants. In the context of new challenges, the Moscow Exchange will continue to provide customers with access to all segments of the trading platform, ”the message says.

as of 10:00, the Russian shares market was opened by the fall of the Mosbirzhi index by 3.82%, up to 3 050.03 points, the RTS index – by 3.59%, up to 1,079.32 points, as evidenced by the data sites.

Meanwhile, the Bank of Russia said that he decided to suspend the Hong Kong dollar on June 13.

“On Thursday, trading sessions in the foreign exchange market and the precious metals market, as well as in the urgent market of PJSC Moscow Exchange with settlements in currencies different from the US dollar, euro and the Hong Kong dollar, will begin with 9:50 Moscow time,” the Moscow time said In the message of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Earlier, the regulator said that in connection with the introduction of the United States, restrictive measures against the Moscow Exchange group are suspended by exchange trading and calculations of the setting instruments in US dollars and euros. “At the same time, bidding at all other exchange segments and exchange instruments in rubles and in other currencies will be carried out normally. Transactions with the US dollar and euro will continue to be made in the over -the -term market. To determine the official US dollar and euros to the ruble, the Bank of Russia will be Use banking reports and information from the digital platforms of OTC trading, in accordance with the instructions of the Bank of Russia dated 03.10.2022 No. 6290 -U “On the procedure for establishing and publishing by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation of official courses of foreign currencies with respect to the ruble,” said in regulator message.

Earlier, June 12, the United States announced the introduction of new anti -Russian sanctions. Among others, the Moscow Exchange group fell under them. Along with the Mosbirzhi, the US National Clearing Center has fallen under the sanctions of the United States, performing calculations on transactions in different markets and the functions of the central counterparty, as well as the national estimated depository.