Situation is heating up: China accused United States of starting 10 balloons

US balloon balloons since May of last year flew at least 10 times over the territory of China.

This was announced at a briefing by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Van Wanbin.

“As we have already emphasized, since May last year, the United States has repeatedly launched high -rise balloons over its territory, which later flew around the world. Without the permission of the relevant departments of the PRC, they were at least more than 10 times entered into the airspace of China, including Above the Xinjiang -Uyghur and Tibetan autonomous areas, ”he said.

The diplomat indicated that China has repeatedly stated that his balloon entered the airspace of the United States as a result of force majeure, while Washington did not provide any explanation about the flights of American balloons over the PRC.

“China reserves the right to take the necessary response measures,” said the official representative of the foreign policy.