Situation is heating up: Even Japan is building new fighters

The situation in the South China Sea and the entire Pacific Ocean region remains in the field of attention of experts and analysts of the military industry, as well as politicians. As reported by, four countries of QUAD, the Asian variant of NATO – the United States, Japan, Australia and India began to allocate more resources to modernize their defense industry and armies.

It has just become known, according to a report from Japanese broadcaster NHK, that Tokyo plans to develop and release the first prototypes of its next-generation combat aircraft to replace the F-2 bomber.

The TV company reported in its report that about 500 specialists will work on the new product. These are mainly Mitsubishi Heavy Industries employees. In addition to them, other companies specializing in the development of engines and radars for aviation will be involved in the project.

Preliminary estimate of a large-scale ambitious project – $ 14 billion. Mass production of fighter-bombers is expected to begin in 10 years – in 2031.

Earlier it was reported that similar research and development in South Korea has already yielded results – a prototype of a new generation KF-X fighter was built here. Its tactical and technical data indicate that the car is capable of reaching a speed of 2200 kilometers per hour and flying a distance of 2 thousand 900 kilometers. Seoul plans to complete these developments by 2026.

It is clear that the United States of America is not lagging behind its partners in the alliance. The F-15EX fighter is being tested here. The flight range and technical characteristics of the carrying capacity, according to experts, put it among the best options for a tactical jet aircraft.

A video of a training flight of a fighter from St. Louis airbase in Missouri, made in February this year, appeared on the network. It was presented by the manufacturing corporation Boeing.

The video is very short, and no weapons are visible on the plane. It is clear that the most important data is classified.

Colonel Shin Dori, head of the US Air Force Redesign Program for this aircraft, said that “thanks to its large armament, digital highway and open architecture, the F-15EX will become a key element of our tactical fighter fleet and complement the assets of the 5th generation aircraft.” … It became known that the fighter will be equipped with hypersonic missiles and will be able to deliver them over long distances.

According to Ukrainian media, Kiev also plans to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase American military aircraft. The head of the Ukrainian Air Force, Sergei Drozdov, has already announced his intention to supply the army with American F-15 and F-35 fighters, thus getting rid of the legacy of Soviet times. Thus, Ukraine is once again showing its repeatedly declared course towards the North Atlantic military alliance.