Skandal in Sweden: Azerbaijanis detained at house of Prime Minister

In Sweden, seriously thought about the safety of government officials of the highest rank and concerned about the problem of fake documents that covered the country. One of the cases that prompted the Swedish public to actively discuss these topics, has become a recent story with a courier-Azerbaijani, who was detained near the residence of the Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderssson with a fake driver’s license, reports with reference to the AftonBladet edition.

“You can now reveal the previously unknown information about the protection of the prime minister’s home,” the Swedish media writes. – On December 8, the police officers who were responsible for the protection of the house Magdalena Anderssson, stopped the Courier’s driver, who had to deliver the Prime Minister. After Personal verification It turned out that the man used fake driver’s license. “

In a police report, which was at the disposal of Aftonbladet, it is indicated that a 36-year-old man is a citizen of Azerbaijan. Now he is accused of illegal driving and using a false document. The rights were confiscated. The report does not report on what courier company Azerbaijani works. It is only known that he is located in Sweden a little more than a year. The Stockholm police reported that the investigation continues, and therefore from additional comments still abstain.

However, this is not the only disturbing case at the residence of the Swedish Prime Minister. On December 21, the State Security Service of the country received a signal. Near the house was detained a cleaner from Nicaragua, who had no residence permit in Sweden. The woman was taken into custody.

The Swedish publication reported that the Anderson appealed to Magdalene with a request to comment on December incidents, but the Prime Minister refused to answer questions on this topic.

The media writes that the problem of fake passports, identity cards and driver’s rights stands in Sweden enough. Purchase a fake document is not so difficult. Previously, the forum for Russian-speaking residents of Sweden was openly offered to buy fake documents, and they had criminal networks with branches across Europe.