Somalia writer devoted book to relations with Turkey

Somali writer Aishe Khasen Senkai wrote a book about Somali-Turkish relations in gratitude to Turkey for the support of her country.

A book called “Somali-Turkish relations between 1517-2023.” It is one of the works that are of great interest at the international book fair in Mogadisho.

In an interview with Anadol, the writer said that she wrote a book to express the gratitude of Turkey for the services rendered by Somali.

According to the writer, the love of Islam and Ottoman history prompted her to study the roots of the Ottoman-Somali relations.

Senkai noted that she wrote her work in three years, spending a lot of time analyzing sources.

The writer said that she finished her work at the end of May and managed to publish it to the international book fair in Mogadisho.

According to her, the relationship between Somali and Turkey dates back to the period of the Adal Sultanate in the 14th century. “Against the backdrop of the oppression of the Portuguese colonialists who prevailed in the Red Sea, the Sultanate of Adal turned to the Ottoman state for help. The Ottomans took into account the significance of the ports of Zeyly and Berber in Somalia in the preservation of Islamic shrines and thus arose. Ottomans provided logistics support to the Somali Sultanates who waged many wars against the Portuguese and British colonialism and the Kingdom of Abyssinia, ”said the writer.

According to her, the Ottomans built mosques and organized the courses of the Koran in the cities of Berber and Zeyly in order to spread Islam. “This expanded the connections between the two countries not only in military, but also in educational, trade and cultural relations. All these initiatives in the past have been partially preserved to this day in the regions under consideration,” the writer added.