Sources in Berlin announced steps to “activate” dialogue with Ankara

Against the background of the re -election of Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the post of President of Turkey, Berlin plans to take steps to “activate” the political dialogue between the European Union (EU) and Turkey and evaluate cooperation options in various fields. This is evidenced by sources in the Government of Germany.

In addition, leaders will discuss the interaction between the EU and Turkey and the efforts to resolve Cyprus problems.

According to sources, Germany will require that the process of revaluation of Turkey begins at the summit, and the European Commission and the Supreme Representative have prepared new proposals for the options for cooperation with Ankara.

“The development of relations with Turkey is of great importance for Germany. Turkey is an important geostrategic partner in the world arena, and mainly in the issue of trade, security and migration policy, and will remain such, sources are observed.

Sources report that they see the possibility of reviving the process on the Cypriot issue under the leadership of the UN after the elections held in Turkey, Greece and the Greek community of Cyprus. This issue will be included in the final declaration of the Council of Europe and Brussels will support these negotiations, sources report.

Sources recalled that Turkey is located in a very important region and is adjacent to countries such as Syria, Iran, Iraq and Armenia. “And in this regard, a close dialogue with Turkey will be necessary not only in Germany, but also the EU as a whole,” the sources emphasized.