SpaceX postponed launch of AX-3 mission with Turkish astronaut

SpaceX Corporation canceled the AX-3 mission. This is stated in the company’s report on the social network x.

The launch of the AXIOM-3 mission, with which the first Turkish astronaut of the Alper Goseravja will go to the ISS, was postponed to January 18th.

“Now we are guided by Thursday, January 18, to launch the AX-3 mission in orbit,” the report said.

Spacex noted that additional time will allow specialists to complete the latest pre -flight checks and analyze the data on the spacecraft.

At a press conference in the Kennedy NASA space center in Florida, it was also stated that the launch was postponed tomorrow.

The Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatikh Kajir said that the new planned launch time is the night of January 19 at 00:49 by Turkish time. According to him, in the previous period the period, it is planned to complete technical inspections.

The Turkish astronaut of Alpers Goseravja will go to the International Space Station as part of the European Mission Axiom-3.

Initially, the launch of the Axiom-3 crew on board the Falcon 9 missiles was planned to be carried out on the night of January 17 to 18 at 01:11 PM on Turkish time.