SpaceX sent 23 more satellites Starlink into space

The American producer of spaceships and missiles SpaceX sent 23 satellites into space as part of the Starlink project.

The Falcon 9 launch vehicle has successfully brought into orbit the next batch of 23 satellites to replenish the orbital grouping of the global network of the Starlink system, according to

The launch took place from the Kennedy Space Center for the US National Aeronautics and Space Studies (NASA) in Florida and became the 27th launch of SpaceX in 2024.

During the launch, the first reusable step of the launch vehicle after the separation made a controlled vertical landing on the marine-drone just read the Instructions in the Atlantic Ocean.

On the SpaceX page on a social network, it is reported that 23 satellites have successfully occupied an orbital position.

Starlink – a global satellite system unfolded by SpaceX to provide high -speed broadband satellite access to the Internet in places where it was unreliable, expensive or completely inaccessible.