Speaker of Sejm Lithuania: statement of President of France – signal to both Kyiv and Moscow

The statement of France President Emmanuel Macron on the possible sending of Western troops to Ukraine is a violation of the taboo and sends a signal of both Kyiv and Moscow.

This was stated by the Speaker of the Sejm of Lithuania Victoria Chmilita-Nilsen, commenting on the statement of the head of the French state, who did not rule out the sending to Ukraine of military personnel from Western countries, reports on Wednesday, February 28, Lithuanian national radio and television LRT.

“I think the statement of Macron that such an idea is being considered is a violation of the taboo that sends two signals,” said Nilesen.

He sends a signal to Ukraine that Western allies are ready to help even more, and also sends a signal to Russia that he will not leave Ukraine, explained the Speaker of the Sejm.

“Similar discussions, similar performances, if they are supported by actions, are important,” she added.

On the eve, speaking at the closure of a conference organized in Paris in support of Ukraine, Macron said that there is no consensus to send troops to Ukraine among European countries, but such an opportunity cannot be excluded in the future.

The defeat of the Russian Federation in conflict with Ukraine is necessary for the security and stability of Europe, the head of state emphasized.

Commenting on the statements of the French leader, Minister of Defense of Lithuania Arvidas Anushauskas said that NATO military countries could be sent to Ukraine to study Ukrainians, and not for hostilities.

The early representative of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov said that the direct military conflict between NATO and the Russian Federation will be inevitable in case of sending Western troops to Ukraine.

In the meantime, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov advised those who, like President of France Macron, expresses thoughts about the possibility of sending the Western military to Ukraine, “use his head” to more rational and safe thoughts for Europe.