Special operation of Ministry of Internal Affairs in Azerbaijan

The Main Drugs of the Drugs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan conducted a special operation to detain members of a criminal group that supplied drugs from the Islamic Republic of Iran to Azerbaijan and sold them.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan, members of an organized criminal group under the conditional names “Pyunhan”, “Baba”, “Payman”, “Araz” and others who smuggled from the Islamic Republic of Iran were detained to Azerbaijan of narcotic drugs in large quantities, involving youth in the network of drug couriers.

During a series of operations conducted by the Main Drugs in Baku and the regions over the past 20 days, 36 people engaged in illegal activities were detained, 114 kilograms of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, 3,000 ecstasy and methadone tablets were seized from illegal trafficking. , electronic scales.

Along with the indicated persons, another 30 people who engaged in illegal trafficking of narcotic drugs were detained and transferred to the investigation. Among them, the main drug suppliers in Azerbaijan were Panama Guliev, Jaykhun Abdullaev, Anar Askerley, Kamran Nazarli, Hayal Khalilov, brothers Khanan and Kamran Aslanov.

According to these facts, criminal cases have been instituted under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan. In relation to the detainees, a preventive measure in the form of arrest was chosen. Operational measures are ongoing to detain other members of the People’s Commissariat within the country and abroad.