Special operation of Turkish police: Iranian killers planning murder of Israelis were detained

Turkey detained eight people who supposedly worked for Iranian intelligence, who planned to kill Israeli tourists in Istanbul, local media write.

According to sources, eight people, not all of whom are Iranian citizens, were detained last week during a raid in three houses in the Popular Istanbul district of Beyoglu.

The media reported that Iran sent agents disguised as businessmen, tourists and students to Istanbul to kill the Israelis in revenge for the murder of Colonel Ksir (the Islamic Revolutionary Corps – Ed.) Sayyad Khodai, as well as for attempts on Iranian scientists who worked in the nuclear sphere of Iran.

“Iranians were divided into four groups of two people, and tracked their victims. Murders settled in two separate rooms on the second and fourth floors of the hotel in Beyoglu were detained with a large number of weapons and ammunition,” the IHA agency writes since link to their sources in Istanbul police.

Recall that last week Israel urged its citizens to immediately leave Turkey due to “possible” threats from the Iranian mercenaries.