Sports Museum in Qatar: Ilham Zakiev, and near Messi, Pele, Mohammed Ali, Michael Jordan

During the Football World Cup in Qatar, guests had the opportunity, in addition to matches, to visit the Museum of Olympism and Sports in Doha. It is located in the territory of the Khalifa stadium – the oldest in Qatar and the only one that was built before the World Cup.

The 5-story museum contained exhibits and compositions dedicated to the legendary athletes, former and active world stars. It is nice that in this company there was a place for the representative of Azerbaijan, as the author of the Sportif blog blog on the website tells.

The first exhibit of the 5-story museum is a wall with beautiful photos of the sports girls. Next, you can see – Ferrari Bolid, Anna Maria Peduzzi in 1933. The next room is the hall dedicated to Lionel Messi. It is connected with Qatar through the French PSG, which owns Qatar Sports Investments. There is a copy of his “golden ball”.

Qatarians are absolutely not shy that their main sports achievements are associated with the competition and sponsorship of top clubs. They are even proud of this. The stand about modern sports in Qatar begins with a story about oil. Where and when they found it, as workers drove the ball from the towers and played sports.

Since the 1970s, legends have gone in Dochu. Mohammed Ali and Alonso Johnson fought in Qatar. In 1973, Pele played here-for Santos against Al-Ahli. Well, today in Qatar there are many largest international competitions, and the World Cup has become the highest point of organizational abilities of this country.

Among tennis exhibits is a rocket of Serena Williams, a T -shirt with an autograph of Raphael Nadal. There is an exposition of national sports of Qatar: horse racing, hunting with predatory birds and rowing in boats.

Almost one and a half floors are occupied by glass cabins with photographs, chronic and things related to world sports legends. Tennis player Roger Federer, boxers Manny Paciao and Mohammed Ali, hockey player Wayne Gretzki, basketball player Michael Jordan …

And nearby is our famous judo-paralympets, 2-time Paralympic champion, 2-time world champion and multiple European champion Ilham Zakiev with his kimono and medals.

Immediately a showcase dedicated to the famous Bruce Lee.

In the neighborhood, the whole car of Michael Schumacher. In it, the Red Baron won the Grand Prix of Australia, Brazil, San Marino and Europe in 2000. Of the football players – Pele, Samuel Et’o, David Beckham, Zinedine Zidan and others.