̇STANBUL PUBLISHING FELLOWSHIP 2023: Dialogue about future of publishing business

In Istanbul, June 6-8 will be meetings for representatives of the publishing world ̇STANBUL Publishing Fellowsip 2023 (international meetings of professional publishers in Istanbul).

The organizer of the event, which will be held for the eighth time, is the Association of Printing Publications of Turkey (TBYM). The global information partner of the event is Anadola. Support ̇STANBUL PUBLISHING FELLOWSHIP is also provided by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey and the administration of Governor Istanbul.

Discussions will be held in the Rumi library with the participation of 410 publishers from 66 countries.

The event is of interest to the whole world, including the countries of East and Southeast Asia, Latin America, North Europe and Africa. The event is aimed at becoming one of the most important brands of copyright in the world.

The program provides for special sessions dedicated to Uzbekistan, musical and folklore performances.