State Committee concluded a contract with a passing company

The State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations (GCRRO) of Azerbaijan on November 24th signed an agreement for the purchase of works and services required in the framework of educational and propaganda activities until the end of 2021. According to Turan, a preliminary analysis of the results of the tender shows that the Competition Commission chose a fictitious company winner.

The company “Best Dreams 2019” will provide services for organizing events in the cities of Baku, Sheki, Evlah, Lyankaran and Ganja, district centers, Shamakhi, Salian, Barda, Guba and Jalilabad with 50 people. Services are leased premises, providing participants to the stationery (folder, handle and notebook for notes), organizing breaks for tea (twice), lunch, as well as a sliding stand. For this, the company will receive from the state 52,680 manat (about 31 thousand dollars).

Turan Agency failed to receive the Commentary Comment on this Agreement. As a rule, in such cases, the Government notes that they do not interfere with the competitive procedure, which is carried out in electronic format.

Best Dreams 2019 LLC (INN: 1603769491) was established in August 2019 in Baku with a capital of 10 manat. Nothing is known about the founders of the company. The director of the company is living in Baku 46-Tiered forced migranet Asif Jabbarov. The day before the registration of LLC “Best Dreams 2019” on the same address (Baku, st. R. Bagirova, 33) was established by 4 more companies. Two of these companies (OOO “DALğA 2019” and LLC “Gallery Plus Ltd”) received in 2020-2021 from six state organizations of the contract for the supply of various goods totaling 115.8 thousand manat. Among them are Azerbaijan Institute of Theology.

According to the State Tax Service for the Ministry of Economy, three of the five-leaders who led by Arsif Jabbarov (LLC DALğA 2019, LLC “Arko Plus” and “Natura Life”) have debt to the state budget for taxes, etc. Mandatory payments for the general The amount of 21 thousand manat. This is enough to impose in court a ban on departure from the country of the legitimate representative of these companies and include it in the taxpayer risk group.

Asif Jabbarova does not have certificates of compliance with Gosstandarts, are not producers, dealers or importers of goods, office in any meaning. On the activities of these companies, except for the supply of goods to public organizations, there is no public information.