State Committee for Situation on border with Iran

On the eve of some media, with reference to a statement by a member of the Board of Directors of the Joint Iranian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, Seid Jalalifara, distributed information about the created high density at the customs-border crossing of Astara from the Iranian side, and that allegedly the Azerbaijani side did it intentionally against the background of exacerbation Irano-Azerbaijani relations.

In the State Customs Committee, HAQQIN.AZ stated that such information is unreasonable and does not correspond to reality. Astarinsky customs-border checkpoint continues its work in reinforced mode, and over the past ten days from Iran to Azerbaijan, there has been a passage of more freight vehicles compared to previous days. An Iranian official can easily get this statistics from the relevant structures of his country, said in GTC.

As for the density of movement on the Iranian side, then the Customs Committee noted that this is due to the problems arising exclusively on the Iranian side. So, in the period from October 15 to October 16, there were failures in a computer system for 10 hours, there was no connection with the fare of trucks and there were long queues and delays in the loading and unloading operations in the warehouses of fruits and vegetables in the Iranian city of Astara.

GTC considers false accusations of Azerbaijan unacceptable. All attempts to give problems arising in the Iranian side, the political color is only regret, noted in the statement of the Committee