State Department claims that leaders of Al-Qaida live in Iran

The US Administration believes that the Al-Qaida Terrorist Group leaders continues to be in Iran with the knowledge of the authorities in Tehran. This was announced on Thursday I.O. Coordinator of the State Department for Combating Terrorism John Godfrey.

“We are still deeply concerned about the fact that the leaders of Al-Qaida continue to live in Tehran. In Tehran and around Tehran. And in what happened to assist them so that they continue to act as the leaders of the global network Al-Qaida, “says an employee of the American Foreign Ministry.

According to Godfrey, the government in Tehran allows you to “safely live in Iran” representatives of the Al-Qaida network.

As stated in the report, “Iran is still not ready to bring to the responsibility of the leaders of Al-Qaida living in the country …”