Stoltenberg: Allies should strengthen support of Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the alliance would resist Russia for a long time. He called on European countries to increase the production of weapons.

He, in a statement for the German newspaper Welt Am Sonntag, touching the Ukrainian war, said that the European economy should focus much more on the production of weapons and ammunition.

“We need to quickly improve and expand our industrial base so that we can increase supplies to Ukraine and replenish our own reserves,” Stoltenberg noted, adding that this means the transition from slow production in peacetime to fast production necessary Conflict period.

The Secretary General added that companies producing weapons in countries with a free market economy need signed contracts to increase production: “European industry needs more such contracts, and they need to be signed faster.”

Having emphasized that Western countries have funds to surpass Russia both in production and in investments, Stoltenberg emphasized: “The economic and industrial power of the West exceeds the Russian.”

– We must do more for general safety

NATO head argued that if the production of weapons does not increase, then Russian President Vladimir Putin will be able to benefit from this, and European security will be at risk: “Putin is preparing the Russian economy for a long war. (Putin) ordered to increase Russia’s military expenses by 70 percent and does not stop the supply of missiles from Iran and North Korea. Since Russia directs its entire economy to war, we must do more for our safety. “

Stoltenberg said that for 6 months, NATO agreements have been concluded on ammunition supplies for $ 10 billion.

According to him, education and healthcare, schools, hospitals and industry are protected by the armed forces: “Therefore, it is important to invest in our safety.”

noting that NATO does not strive for war with Russia, Stoltenberg added: “However, we must prepare for a possible confrontation that can drag out for decades.”

Secretary General emphasized that at present no NATO country is subjected to a direct military threat from Russia.

Turning to the countries of the European Union (EU) with a request to provide more strong support to Ukraine and highly appreciated the calls of the German Chancellor Olaf Sholts in this direction, Stoltenberg noted that all allies should strengthen the support of Ukraine.