Stoltenberg: We want to see how Georgia is moving to full membership in NATO

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met with the new Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Kobakhidze and expressed his support to the entry of this country to NATO and the European Union (EU).

Stoltenberg met with Kobahidze at the NATO headquarters.

The Secretary General said that NATO supports the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of his partner – Georgia, and emphasized that the decision to annexation of the territories occupied by Russia is unacceptable.

According to him, they will discuss the further development of partnership between Georgia and NATO: “We want to see how Georgia is moving towards full membership in the Euro -Atlantic family, more democracy and prosperity.”

Kobakhidze noted that after taking office, his first foreign visit took place in Brussels, which reflects his desire to make his country part of the EU and NATO.

Having stated that for many years his country participated in missions and operations under the leadership of NATO, he said that this contributed to the harmonization of his defense potential with NATO.

The Prime Minister emphasized that 20 percent of the territory of his country is under occupation, and called on NATO and allies to support his country more than ever.

Yesterday, Kobakhidze also met with the Chairman of the EU Council Charles Michel, the Supreme EU representative for foreign affairs and security policy Josep Borrelem and the EU Commissioner for Oliver Varchelius.

Georgia received the status of a candidate country in the EU in December 2023.