Strelkov admitted: Ukraine does not intend to take Bakhmut

In recent days, the Russian media and social networks are disseminating information that the Ukrainian army is supposedly preparing to leave Bakhmut. This is not true, says former FSB officer Igor Girkin (Strelkov). He wrote about this on his channel in Telegram.

According to him, the Russian army has no particular success in the Bakhmut direction. “The enemy spent strong reinforcements to Bakhmut. Due to the transfer of fresh reinforcements to Bakhmut, it can be assumed that at this stage of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces and do not intend to go to new lines,” wrote Strelkov.


He also admitted that Russian aviation was unable to prevent the APU strengthening in Bakhmut. It can only Iranian drones “fuck only stationary objects due to the lack of operational air and space intelligence.”

Strelkov assures that in the Bakhmut direction, Wagner will have to storm the city again (“Actually, the assault continues with insignificant tactical advancements”).