Strong earthquake brought down section of Great Wall

In the Chinese province of Gansu hit section of the Great Wall of China. The cause of the collapse was the earthquake that struck on Saturday in neighboring Qinghai province, the newspaper writes Global Times.

According to the newspaper, destroyed part of the wall, two meters wide in Shandan County, which is located 114 km from the epicenter of the jolt. This section of the wall belong to the period of the Ming Empire (1368-1644 years). At the scene already begun repair work.

The magnitude of Saturday’s earthquake was the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center 6.3 points evaluation (EMSC) or 6.9 according to Chinese seismologists. The epicenter of the tremors was located in a sparsely populated area, but the tremors have noticed some residents of large cities. The earthquake affected nine people, eight of them have already been discharged from hospital.