Successes in education in 2021: it’s time to summarize

Over the past 3 years before December 2021, there has been an increase in the number of vacancies and a set of teachers to work. For the current year, a record number of vacancies was put up – 12154 vacancies, which were taken by 9660 teachers. This is the highest indicator in terms of vacancies coverage in recent years. The number of accepted and vacancies is not the final figure for the current school year, and candidates will still be discarded in accordance with the rules during the school year.

It should also be especially noted that in 2021 there are about 1,000 members of the families of shekhids, veterans and participants in the Patriotic War were hired for various positions in the field of education.

The number of foreigners students in Azerbaijan amounted to 7400 people

In the 2021-2022 academic year, about 7,400 foreign students and state students from 101 countries are trained in the highest and secondary vocational schools of our country.

Foreign students represent Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Russia, Iraq, Nigeria, Syria, India, Pakistan, China and other countries.

Higher professional education

In 2021, training at the level of higher professional education began in 6 professional colleges. On this level of vocational education, 820 students were taken by 15 specialties.

First reception in the magistracy of Sabah groups

For the 2021-2022 academic year by Sabah students 724 student student in 29 specialties. The first reception in the Sabah group to the master’s level was carried out in 2021. 364 people were awarded a master’s title in Sabah Group.

International success of Azerbaijani schoolchildren

In 2021, Azerbaijani schoolchildren took part in 15 different international competitions and competitions.

Total our schoolchildren won 55 medals, including 6 gold, 16 silver and 33 bronze.

Professional classes

45 new professional classes opened in 2021. Thus, the number of such classes reached 124 in 80 schools of the capital and regions.

Strengthen project coverage Steam

In 2021, the STEAM project covered 302 secondary schools and 10 Steam centers. In total, about 91,000 students are involved in STEAM training. Currently, Steam centers operate in Baku, Hyrdalan, Shirvan, Guba, Ganja, Ismaillah and Barda.

also completed work on Steam centers in Sabirabad and Agdasha. Work on the Lankaran Steam Center will be completed by the end of this year.

Digital Skills project covered more than 190,000 students

In 2021, the Digital Skills project covered more than 190,000 students in 250 schools across the country. This is 28 schools and 90,000 students more than last year.

The project covers schools in Baku, Sumgayite, Ganja, Sheki, Shirvana, Shamaha, Lankaran, Bilyasuar, Mingachevir, Khachmaz, Evlah, Sabirabad, Salyana, Shamkira, Gamehai and Shabrane.

Preschool groups of community type

in the 55 districts and cities of the country organized 850 pre-school groups of community type. Groups involved 16 041 child 3-4 years.

It is 5 districts, about 350 groups and 6835 children more than last year.