Successfully completed second stage of republican competition “Step into a digital future”

Recently, the second stage of the republican competition “Step into the digital future” was successfully completed. The competition is held by the Ministry of Education together with the International School of Programming “Algorithm” for students of the V-IX classes in the framework of the global movement “Code Hour”, they told in ministeriality

Over 21,000 students registered for the competition and took part in the first stage. Of these, 5,500 were held in the second stage of the competition. In total, 3936 students took part in the second stage, which will receive diplomas I, II and III degrees on their email addresses. A, 100 participants with the highest scores will be invited to the final stage of the competition. Information about the final stage of the competition will be posted on the official pages of the Ministry of Education and the Digital Skill Project on Social Networks.

The third stage will be full-time and will be held in December in Baku. The full-time stage is a command contest, where, during a certain specified time, the team compiled randomly from the winners of the second stage will compete with each other to execute a team project.

The main goal of the competition and in general the movement of the “Code Hour” is directed not only to the development of programming skills for those who plan to associate their fate with the IT-industry, but also to use modern interactive teaching technologies. Also, the organization of the next competition within the project “Digital Skills” will again demonstrate to students how much the subject of “informatics” can be fascinating.