“Sumgayit” presented Belarusian head coach

Football Club “Sumgayit” presented his new head coach Alexei Bagu. The Belarusian specialist arrived in Azerbaijan yesterday. Today he was submitted to the team, got acquainted with the club and the club’s base.

“was a desire to try yourself outside the country,” said Baga at today’s press conference. – I managed to collect the most important information about “Sumgaite”. I looked through the video, I studied the characteristic of each player. But on the spot, of course, everyone learns much better. .

What scheme will play “Sumgiti” under my leadership? I have to play with two central defenders. It is not excluded that this is used here. With this scheme succeeded.

Do not be afraid that only local football players play “Sumgait”. It is interesting and pleasant to work with local young players. I already had such an experience in BATE. The club played the group stage of the Champions League.

What “Sumgait” now takes the penultimate place in the Championship of Azerbaijan, does not scare me. Material for work is good. I will not give promises, but we will be laid out at the maximum. Indifference from our side will not be.

My first acquaintance with Azerbaijani football took place when Bate played with Karabakh in 2018. A fairly good level of football. Championship smooth. If you do not count “Karabakh”, then the tournament of the even teams. I know that the coach from Russia Murad Musaev is working in Azerbaijan, which adds paints. Game level, stadiums, lawn condition leave a pleasant impression. “

President of “Sumgait” Ryad Rafiev said that he believed in the successful work of Alexey Bugi in the club.

“We have a big project and expectations, too,” he says. “Over the past three years, the club has achieved success with local players. Our guys are good, you can work with them. The club’s policy remains the same. We play Azerbaijanis and players with Azerbaijani. roots.

Before the new head coach, set a task to create a good team. We will put on young people. But this does not mean that we will accept the seventh place that now occupy. We also want to go into the Final of the Azerbaijan Cup and try to win the title. In the next season you will see a real “Sumgait”.

Recall that a contract for two and a half years has been signed with Alexey Bagoy.