Summit of EU leaders continues in Brussels

The main theme of the agenda of the second day of the summit of the leaders of the European Union was the issues of migration and relations with China.

Leaders of 27 EU countries hold negotiations at the headquarters in Brussels as part of the second day of the summit.

The first day meetings continued until 01:30 local time, the leaders discussed the situation around Ukraine, issues of defense and security.

In a joint statement adopted by the results of negotiations, EU leaders have confirmed the need to continue military and financial assistance to Ukraine and the development of the defense industry of Europe.

Today’s negotiations began with a more complex agenda. The EU leaders are expected to discuss the issue of migration, evaluate the consequences of the collapse of the boat with migrants off the coast of Greece, as a result of which hundreds of illegal migrants died.

The head of the European Commission Ursula von der Lyeen previously stated that it would present three reports regarding the strengthening of the EU borders, the fight against smuggling and preventing illegal migration, which will contribute to the development of the investment potential of the Union.

The issue of migration has been discussed at all EU meetings since the beginning of the year, but negotiations have not yet given any results.

In particular, attention will be paid to the transfer of migrants who are massively arriving to Italy and Greece to other EU countries.