Switzerland gives millions seized from Gulnara Karimova “for benefit of population of Uzbekistan”

Switzerland signed an agreement with Uzbekistan on the return of 131 million dollars withdrawn as part of the investigation in the case of money laundering in relation to the eldest daughter of the former president of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, reports AP.

The government’s statement says that within the framework of the transaction, funds withdrawn from Swiss accounts belonging to Gulnar Karimova in 2012 will be transferred to the United Nations and used “for the benefit of the population of Uzbekistan.”

In accordance with the agreement, additional assets that can be confiscated by Karimova as part of a current criminal case in Switzerland will also go to the UN trust fund.

Karimova is suspected of receiving large sums from foreign telecommunication companies in connection with contracts in Uzbekistan, but denies his guilt. In 2014, she was placed under house arrest in Uzbekistan.

Islam Karimov has been the President of Uzbekistan from 1991 until his death in 2016.