Switzerland parliament rejected proposal for re -export of weapons to Ukraine

The Switzerland parliament (Nizhny Chamber – National Council) rejected the proposal allowing re -export of weapons produced in the country to Ukraine.

According to the Swiss media, 98 deputies of the National Council voted against the initiative, for 75.

Moreover, the Swiss People’s Party, which has the largest number of seats in the National Assembly, was one of the main opponents of this proposal.

“to accept this initiative is to violate the country’s neutrality,” said the deputy from the Swiss People’s Party Jean-Luke Addor.

Earlier, the president of the Swiss Confederation, Alain Bersse, held a meeting with the head of the Ukrainian state Vladimir Zelensky. The conversation took place on the fields of the Summit of the European Political Community in Moldova.

On his Twitter page, Bers wrote that the meeting with Zelensky was held in a constructive manner. We discussed the situation on the ground, Swiss humanitarian aid and restoration, Bersa said.

Last month, the National Council also decided that Switzerland would not simplify the rules regarding the re -export of weapons to Ukraine.