Syrian saved thousands of lives in an underground hospital

The Syrian doctor Amani Ballur, during the Civil War in Syria, organized and headed the work of a secret hospital, equipped underground and called a “cave”.

36-year-old Amani and her colleagues in this way to save thousands of lives of civilians.

According to Ballur, she was born and raised in rural areas of Damascus.

“I always dreamed of becoming a doctor and studied well at school. In 2006, I entered the medical faculty of Damasian University. Everything went well until the revolution began in Syria in 2011. Then I studied in the fifth year. The forces of the regime together with The Syrian people began to depress and kill the Syrian people with their foreign allies. This destroyed not only my hope to achieve their dreams, but all in Syria, ”Amani told the Anadola agency.

She noted that despite the broken armed conflict, she decided to stay in Syria without hesitation.

with the start of protests against the Assad regime in Damascus and throughout Syria, the regime began to bring down bombs on people. I saw the lifeless bodies of innocent people whom I knew, whom I met every day. I witnessed how the Syrian regime killed innocent children, women and men. People needed help. Unfortunately, many doctors decided to leave the country. I had no experience, but I believed that I could do something for them. My family agreed with the decision I made, so we They stayed together in Syria, ”Amani explained.

The agency’s interlocutor said that they and her colleagues created a kind of underground city with tunnels in the eastern guta. “During the siege, which lasted almost 6 years, the Syrian regime prevented access to all the basic needs, including food and medicines. Military planes and helicopters constantly circled us, they subjected us to sudden bombing. It was often impossible to move above the ground. We were impossible. Products and medicines were secretly delivered to the tunnels and distributed them from there, ”the doctor says.

Then a “cave” hospital was created in these tunnels. “The wounded various ages were constantly brought there. Since our anesthetics reserves were limited, we had to treat the wounded without anesthesia. Despite this, we still managed to save thousands of lives. Sometimes we took out corpses to the cemetery through these tunnels,” she recalls.

Subsequently, the baluster was appointed a managing underground hospital. According to the doctor, fulfilling her duty, she wanted to become an example to follow all women in society

Amani says that the most terrifying event, whose witnesses it became during the civil war, was the repeated use of the Syrian chemical weapon regime.