T3 Turkish Foundation expands projects in Azerbaijan

created by the Turkish Technological Technological team (T3) in Baku, the Bilim Baku Center is very popular, and therefore the Fund plans to implement similar projects in other cities of Azerbaijan.

About this Anadolu was announced by the chairman of the board of the Turkish Technological Technological team (T3) Elvan Kuzuju Khdyr.

He noted that the 74th International Congress of astronautics is currently ongoing in Baku, organized by the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) and a platinum sponsor of the Turkish Space Agency (Tua).

T3 stands represent 12 different Turkish projects developed and implemented in the field of science and technology as part of the Teknofest festival from Deneyap technological centers, T3 Girişim Merkezi, Keşif Kampüsü and T3 Akademi.

Visitors to the stand with virtual reality glasses will be able to “plunge” into the depths of space space. The T3 stand also presents the development of Novart Savunma, which has turned from a participant in technological competitions into a defense enterprise. Among its developments is the first test pocket satellite of Hello Space called “Istanbul”, which was launched into space as part of the SpaceX mission.

The groups of air-modeling and space technologies have also presented their projects that created missiles for use in master classes for children.

The agency’s interlocutor expressed satisfaction with the fact that such a significant and representative event as the International Congress of astronautics is held in the Bratsk Azerbaijan for Turkey.

According to him, in Turkey there are many young people who are interested in science and technologies and whose aspirations in this field are not known to the boundaries.

Khdyr noted that the T3 Foundation makes efforts to create platforms that will embody these dreams into reality.

He recalled that in 2022 Azerbaijan became the first foreign country where Turkey held the world’s largest festival of aviation, space and technology Teknofest.

“This was an extremely significant festival with very high attendance. About 1000 participants from this country joined the competitions held as part of Teknofest in Azerbaijan. And the number of contestants from Azerbaijan increased in the geometric on the next year in Istanbul. Progressions, ”he said.