Taikonauts of Chinese ship “Shenzhou-17” made second exit into space

The team of the Taikonauts of the Shenzhou-17 manned ship, which operates at the National Orbital Station of the PRC “Tiangun” (“Heavenly Palace”), made its second exit to the outer space.

According to the Office of the Program of the manned flights of the PRC (CMSA), Tyikonauts Tan Hongbo, Tan Shentsze and Jiang Sinlin successfully completed the second mission of the team outside the station.

Tyikonauts spent about eight hours outside the station, during which they engaged in the repair of solar panels installed on the Tianhe module, and also carried out other maintenance of the module.

It was the 13th exit to the outer space at the space station and the second exit to the open space of the Taikonautov team sent to the station as part of the Shanzhou-17 mission.

The Taikonautov team arrived at Tiangun on October 26 last year and will work in orbit for six months. Among the tasks of the team are cosmic scientific experiments, technical trials and installation of immaculated modules.

Chinese modular space station “Tiangun”

China built its own space station in orbit, since the United States banned cooperation in space development and blocked Beijing participation in the program of the International Space Station (ISS).

Tiangun station, consisting of the main module, two laboratory modules and including the space telescope, was built according to the model of the Russian space station “Mir”, which no longer acts.

The main part of the station, the module called “Tianhe” (heavenly harmony) was launched on April 29, 2021, the first laboratory module “Wennyan” (Search for the sky) – July 24, 2022, and the second laboratory module “Manchean” (dreams of a dream of sky) – October 31, 2022.

The orbital telescope called “Syntyan” (rotating in the sky) is also planned to be added to the station as a separate module.

“Tiangun” is designed for the work of three taiconauts (from Chinese Taikun – “Cosmos”). At their disposal – 110 cubic meters of living space. During the road at the station, six people can be simultaneously located. The standard manned mission lasts six months.