Tajikistan residents called for food for two years and be prepared for protection of sovereignty

President of Tajikistan Emomali Rakhmon called on citizens of the country due to the tense and dangerous political and economic situation in the world to stock food for two years. His words are given on the website of the head of state in the text of congratulations on the occurrence of the month of Ramadan.

Today, in addition to the problems associated with climate change, its negative consequences, the infectious disease of COVID-19, the lack of food and price increases, all human society is deeply concerned about the unstable situation in individual regions and countries of the planet. … in this regard I would like to emphasize once again that each family should think about ensuring your family, to produce as much as possible and stock food for two years as possible, “said Rakhmon, whose words leads RBC.

The President of Tajikistan noted that humanity is now “in the most sensitive and challenging period” history, whose consequences “are unpredictable and long-term.” “This year will be the most difficult and difficult for humanity in all respects and, above all, in terms of ensuring food security,” the head of the Tajik state suggested.

In the conditions of the “extremely tense” setting in the world, it is necessary to be cohesive and vigilant, ready to protect the sovereignty and security of the state, the President of Tajikistan added: “When the political, military, economic and social situation in the world is extremely tense, crisis, complex and dangerous, The issue of independence and freedom of individual countries and their statehood is seriously raised, which encourages each of us to be cohesive and ensure the security of the state and society. We are obliged to always be ready to protect the invaluable gift of our life – state independence and its achievements. “