Taliban created their own map of world: “assigned” territory of Iran and countries of Central Asia

The Kabula administration established its version of the globe on one of the streets of the Afghan capital. The territory of the Islamic Emirate Afghanistan presented on it exceeds the real size, occupying the lands of neighboring countries. Photo of the globe appeared on the Web, writes Fergananews.

On the Taliban version of the globe, Afghanistan includes parts of the territories of Iran and the Republics of Central Asia, the country has a common border with Kazakhstan. Iran “lost” the eastern cities of Mashhead, Zahedan and Kerman, while acquired the eastern coast of the Caspian and access to Georgia. Pakistan “lost” the capital of Islamabad and most of the southern province of Belujistan, but came close to the Indian city of New Deli.

Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan “moved” to the territory of modern Kazakhstan, and they all lost half of the area, like Kazakhstan, which, now, in the Taliban version, “borders” Afghanistan. Ukraine – within the boundaries of 2013.