Tallinn: conflict in Ukraine reduced attractiveness of Estonia for Western investors

After the start of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Estonia became less attractive to Western investors.

This is the Minister of Defense of Estonia Hanno Pevurku said to Riigikoga in response to the question of the deputy Alexander Chaplygin, who asked if the government had evidence of how much Estonia lost due to military rhetoric of local officials and politicians.

“Of course, the Russian attack on Ukraine made us as an investment environment less attractive for many, including Western investors. And that the front is from here almost as far as from Berlin? This emotional sensation made Estonia for many As an investment environment less attractive, ”the minister said.

At the same time, the head of the Estonian defense department is convinced that Estonia as a direction for investments is still of interest to various large companies.

“For me, this is a very clear sign that the messages that we give: Estonia is safe, it makes sense to invest in Estonia, that we invest more than 3% in our national defense, that we enter NATO and EU – all this is really encouraging, ”the Minister of Defense said.

The singer recalled that in Estonia very good logistics channels, non -freezing ports, there are airports and a logistics chain works.

“All these messages show that the companies are really ready to invest in Estonia,” the minister added.