Tankers with Russian oil disappeared from radar

Tankers with Russian oil often began to disappear from the radars of special systems that track the movement of ships – over the past 10 days, at least three tankers have disappeared from the field of view, Bloomberg reports.

According to data, the last time the ships were near the Azores, near Portugal. Tankers going to Asia also began to disappear from the radar. The publication notes that near the Azore Islands, tankers probably overloaded oil to other vessels, although before the start of the Russian war against Ukraine, the shipment did not pass there. Oil overload from one vessel to another is ordinary practice, but at the same time the location of tankers, as a rule, can be seen in the monitoring system.

Journalists suggest that, against the background of the introduction of numerous anti -Russian sanctions, some buyers want to maintain the fact of fuel purchases secret. Carriers of sanctions oil from Iran and Venezuela resorted to such tactics.