Teimur Rajabov plays with Magnus Carlsen in Norway

The Norway CHASS traditional chess tournament continues in the Norwegian Stavanger, in which Azerbaijani grandmasters Shakhriyar Mammadyarov and Teimur Radzhabov take part.

Today, as part of the 3rd round, Teimur Rajabov plays black figures with the world champion from Norway Magnus Karlsen, and Shakhriyar Mammadyarov is white confronts Bulgarian Veselin Topalova.

According to the regulations of the competition, 10 chess players play one circle. If the classic party ends in a draw, then the rivals fight in Armageddon. The winner of the classical party receives 3 points, and the loser remains without points. For the victory in Armageddon, 1.5 points are entitled, the defeat is estimated at 1 point.

Teimur Rajabov in the 1st round lost to the “classic” to the American Wesley CO, and in the 2nd-defeated the Norwegian Aryan Tari in Armageddon. Shahriyar Mamedyarov also beat Tari in Armageddon. In the 2nd round, he lost in an additional party to the Frenchman Maxim Vashe-Lagva.

In Stavanger, the Indian grandmaster Vishvanatan Anand also perform, who, after 2 rounds, had a hundred percent result – 6 points – and headed the standings, Anish Giri (Netherlands) and Wang Hao (China).


Time control in the classical party – 2 hours plus 10 seconds for each move made after the 40th move. In Armageddon, the whites have 10 minutes, in black – 7. After the 40th course, 1 second is added for each move. In the case of a draw, the victory is given to black.