Tens of countries have already recommended to leave Ukraine to their citizens

The number of countries recommended by their citizens leave Ukraine, has grown sharply over the past day. Recommendations have already issued to citizens of 35 states, writes “Lenta.ru” with reference to the Telegram channel “Pool No. 3”.

The publication reminds that on the eve of about 20 countries recommended their citizens to leave the territory of Ukraine due to the concerns of the military conflict. Amongs Australia, United Kingdom, Latvia, Israel, Canada, Greece, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, USA, and Finland, Montenegro, Estonia, South Korea, Japan, Belgium, Germany and Lithuania.

Over the past night, Kuwait, Iraq, Italy, Spain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Slovenia, Jordan, Palestine, Morocco, Luxembourg, Bahamas, and Northern Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Bahrain, and Cyprus, joined the list. / P>

At the same time, the Supreme Representative of the European Union on Foreign Affairs and Security Josep Borrel stated that the European Union would not close his diplomatic confinement in Ukraine.

On February 11, US Secretary of State said that Russia could start an invasion of Ukraine at any time, and the US President Joe Bayden was called the date of the “invasion of Russia to Ukraine on February 16.