Tension between Muslims and Indians: India enhances safety measures

The Government of the Indian Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir strengthened security measures in connection with the risk of clashes of the Hindus and the Muslim part of the population, which protests against insults against the Prophet Muhammad, the newspaper The Pioneer.

According to information, the action of commandant hour was introduced in the Doda area where mass protests of Muslims took place on Thursday, the videos of which were distributed on social networks. Deputy Regional Police Commissioner Vikas Sharm confirmed that in the city of Bhatderva and other settlements, hatred for Hindus incurred to riots and inciting hatred. Mobile Internet has been temporarily disconnected in Bhadery and a number of other areas and mass accumulations of people are prohibited.

Previously, the official representative of the ruling in India “Bhaatia, Dzhanat Party” (BDP) Nipur Sharma, during the television tanks on national television, made statements that Muslims regarded as insults of the Prophet Muhammad. Her words were protected by many Muslim states, including Jordan, Kuwait, the UAE, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other countries.