Term of arrest of six defendants in Terter’s case has been extended

The petition of the investigative body was considered to extend the preventive measure to six persons brought to criminal liability in the Terter case – Rashad Nifaliev, Ruslan Mikailov, Sannah Tyvaeva, Dzhabir Gahramanova, Elchina Aliyev and Intigam Mammadov.

According to haqqin.az, at a meeting in the Baku military court, the petition was satisfied. According to the decision, the deadline for the accused was extended for another 3 months.

The investigation in the case of four people who were previously arrested in the case – Vusala Aleskerov, Rashid Nifaliev, Ramil Garaev and Rustam Aleskerov – were sent to the Baku military court for consideration.

The accused Vusal Alesker has the title of Colonel, Rashid Nifaliev – a colonel -lieutenant.

We note, according to the report of the Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan, as part of the investigation of Terter’s case, persons accused of torture military personnel, illegal deprivation of liberty and abuse of authority were arrested. According to the department, Azal Aziz oglu, Ayser, Rustam Cherkesz oglu and Garayev Ramil Fariz oglu, who were found guilty of torture and deprivation of the liberty of military personnel were held accountable for articles 145.3 (illegal imprisonment), were held accountable. 293.2 (torture, cruel, inhuman or humiliating dignity or punishment not recognized by torture), 341.2.2 (abuse of authority) and 341.2.3 of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan. Also, as part of the investigation, Akhunds Fuad Arazi Oglu was detained, which is accused under article 127.2.2 (intentional harm to health). In relation to all the accused, a preventive measure in the form of arrest was chosen.