Terrorists killed veterinarian in front of terrorist attack and took possession of his car

2 terrorists who committed the attack in front of the entrance gates of the Main Security Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ankara, killed a veterinarian in the area of ​​the cities of Kaiseri and seized the car that they used in the attack.

At the bridge between the areas of Chataooluk and Avla, the terrorists killed veterinarian Mikail Bozlazlane (24 years old), shooting him in the head and took possession of his car.

As it became known, in this car, terrorists went to Ankara and committed a terrorist attack.

After the opening procedure in the Kaiseri State Hospital, Bozlane’s body was delivered to the morgue of the state hospital of sow.

It is expected that the body of the deceased will be betrayed by the Earth on October 3.

The investigation of the incident continues.

A relative of the deceased veterinarian Mikail Bozlana Bakhri Bozlagin, who lives in the Avalyag microdistrict, said that the veterinarian’s relatives called him and asked him to come urgently.

According to him, when he arrived at the bridge at the entrance to the village, he saw Mikail’s body.

“Our nephew was a hardworking person who respects his homeland and people, he helped everyone here. Mikail was a very popular and respected person. We do not know where these traitors came from? Honestly, there are no such werewolves in our area.”

– He has a six-month-old child

Bahri Bozlagin further noted:

“I heard that there was a terrorist attack in Ankara during which the nephew car was used. There were his personal belongings in the car. There was a box of medicines from behind. He also bought pipes to install radiators in his house. Mikail married two years ago . He has a six -month -old child. “

– disappeared at the age of 6 years, was found alive

It became known that Mikail Bozlagn, in 2005, gathering mushrooms with his cousin in the area of ​​sow, disappeared. Then he was 6 years old. It was found alive after 4 days in the Feke region in Adan.