Teymur Rajabov and Shakhriyar Mammadyarov failed fourth tournament organized by Magnus Karlsen

Following the preliminary stage of the online tournament on fast chess Magnus Carlsen Invitational Azerbaijani grandmasters, Shakhriyar Mammadyarov and Teymur Rajabov could not break into the quarterfinals and completed the performance.

quite successfully played in the first five tours of qualifications, on the second day and Shakhriyar, and Teymur played unsuccessfully. Before the last day of the qualifications, Mammadyarov occupied the 11th place, and Rajabov – 12th.

On Monday, both of our chess players needed to play the lag from the 8th place to make their way into the quarterfinal. But it was not possible to do so.

Teymur Rajabov after 10 tours had 4.5 points. In the last game day of the qualification, he beat the Spaniard of David Anton Giharro, played a draw with Swede Niels Grazdius, then concluded peace with Shahriyar Mammadyarov and Russian Non-Qumbsy, and also gave way to the Russian grandmaster Sergey Karjakin. With 7 points, Teymur took 10th place, failing to break into the first eight.

Shakhriyar Mammadyarov, having after 10 points of 4 points, began the third day of qualifications from the defeat from Jan Nepomnye. Then he beat Sergei Karyakin and played a draw with Rajabov. Alas, in the 14th and 15th rounds of Shahriyar played a draw with Argentinee Alan Pichot and American Wesley CO. From 6.5 points, Mammadyarov took the 11th place and also could not break into the playoffs.

According to the results of qualifications, the 1st place was taken by the owner of the Magnus Karlsen competition, who scored 10.5 points.

Recall, Magnus Carlsen Invitational is the fourth tournament in the Champions Chess Tour series, organized by Magnus Karlsen. Teymur Rajabov participated in all previous tournaments. He won the second competition, confidently beating in the Aronian finals. Thus, Rajabov guaranteed part in the final competition, which will be held in September. In addition, in the third tournament, Teymur took 3rd place.