That fuculam: “Russia will inevitably lose … Ukrainians revive world democracy”

“Russia will inevitably lose in this war, as Putin accepted all the decisions based on the distant data. The defeat of Russia, rather, will be sudden and catastrophic, rather than will be the result of the War of wear. The moment will come when the army does not work But I will not be able to withdraw Her Putin either, “” Preparing for Defeat “in his article” Preparing for Defeat “in the American Purpose magazine an outstanding American philosopher, political analyst and writer Francis Fukuyam.

F. Fukuyama acquired world glory due to its epoching book “End of History and the Last Man”, published after the collapse of the USSR.

F. Fukuyama predicts the revival of world democracy: “The UN Security Council during the war once again proved its uselessness. Cleasing was except from voting in the General Assembly: then it immediately became clear who is among the states. Conflict cannot be solved by diplomatic Since neither Russia nor Ukraine is ready for compromises.

Joe Biden correctly did when she decided not to declare an invalid zone over Ukraine and not to transmit Polish MiG-29 to her. It will be better if the Ukrainians independently won the Russians: Moscow will not get a chance to accuse NATO in the attack, and thus will be able to avoid escalation.

Putin will not survive the defeat of his army. He is the “steep guy.” As soon as he shows his incompetence and weakness, he will have nothing more to offer.

War hit the image of all global populists, which before the invasion of Russia, Putin sympathized into Ukraine. We are talking, for example, about the President of Brazil Zhair Bryson, the Prime Minister of Hungary Victor Orbane and, of course, about Donald Trump.

War in Ukraine can be a good lesson for China. Over the past ten years, he built a high-tech army at first glance, which in fact has very little real combat experience. There is hope that pondering its future actions against Taiwan, the Chinese leadership will not be deceived in their own opportunities, as the Russians did. And the Taiwan himself, following the Ukrainians, should take care of their safety and return the mandatory military service.

Russia’s defeat can mean the revival of world democracy, in which many Western minds managed to be disappointed. For this it is worth a thanks to brave Ukrainians. “