“The most ambitious offensive is expected since Second World War …”

Member of the House of Representatives Michael Waltz, Republican Florida drew attention to the foreign policy steps of the Bayden administration against Russia, stating that the world could witness the “large-scale terrestrial invasion of Europe since the Second World War” Because of the Obvious World War Weakness “President Byjden in relation to Russia. This Michael Waltz said on a performance in the news telephone “America’s Newsroom”.

“So, we must understand that at any time we can witness, probably, the most large-scale terrestrial invasion in Europe since the Second World War. Hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers are focused on the Ukrainian border. Keibrataki has become frequent in Ukrainian power grid infrastructure. Ukrainians how easy it is to imagine are extremely worried, and we do not observe the same feeling of extreme necessity at all … in the White House. In the place at the table, the President Byyden lie and are waiting for approval of documents on providing a package of military assistance in the amount of $ 200 million, the solution of this issue While postponed … and, friends, I think that they (in the White House) use the same incorrect approach as in 2014, when … they do not want to be enjoyed with the Russians. They do not want to provoke them, but in fact this obvious Weakness, inaction and indecision lead to the exact opposite result, “said Waltz.