There are Iran, USA, France: in Yerevan it is believed that world is not limited

Armenia is now under a balanced policy, this means that the world is not limited to the CSTO members, the Armenian media told the Ambassador for Special Assignments by Edmon Maruky, commenting on the statements that Armenia discredits the CSTO and wants to bring the West to the region.

“The world is not limited to our neighbors. The world is not unipolar, and the Republic of Armenia has a proactive policy. Close contacts with neighboring Iran, Georgia are obvious … with the United States at the level of the Foreign Ministry, with Canada – at the level of the country’s leader, with The Russian Federation – at the military -political level, with France – very warm, friendly contacts with the head of the country, with the EU – at the level of the head of the European Council, “does not get tired of listing Marukyan.